The Importance of Stretching Before Playing Golf

Recently I was reading an article about the swing of old time golfer Ben Hogan over on the golf blog GolfingWell. It was super interesting and it got me thinking about how we over complicate the golf swing in the modern world.

We worry about clubs and gear but overlook the basics. Today I want to talk about a basic that doesn’t even involve gear: Stretching.

For every good sports player, whether it is basketball, volleyball, swimming, or golf – fitness plays an important role in keeping their performance at its best during the match. As you can see, modern golfers are typically functional, flexible, and fit – but what is the secret?  

Obviously, we all know that these players are performing workouts, conditioning programs, specific biomechanics, and strength. During a golf match, you’ll see Tiger Woods performing a pre-round warm-up.

In this post, let’s tackle the importance stretching before playing golf.

Reducing unwanted injury

Stretching before the game promotes better flexibility which could also lead to more consistent, efficient, and powerful swing. Thus, flexibility also reduces any unwanted injuries during the game. Compensation happens when a specific part of your body will have to stretch further as being restricted by another.

This could result in injury as there is a large amount of stress being pressured on certain areas. For example, if the hips back and shoulders become tight, there could be a possibility that it can alter the swing plane and overall posture.


Maintaining proper posture

Speaking of posture, pre-round warm up or stretching can help with your overall posture throughout the swing. Unable to maintain the angles of your spine could more likely to cause miss hits. This is also because postures in certain parts of your body such as hips, knees, trunk, and ankles are altered.

Additionally, stretching tight muscles groups could reduce the natural imbalances of muscles which could be present as we grow older. For example, desk-bound people tend to have tight chest muscles, weak mid back muscles, and neck extensors.


Increased circulation

If the proper warm-up is done, it will be beneficial in terms of blood circulation in the body. This is because more blood will be transported to the muscles that are being stretched. Therefore, it will improve its ability to perform as well as the ability to remove any waste from the muscle tissues.

Remember that increased and better blood flow could also increase energy production needed by the body.


Full Unrestricted shoulder turn

Proper flexibility from stretching before the match lets you control over a shoulder turn during a hit. In order to generate more power and distance, having a bigger shoulder turn is a must- and you can do it by simply stretching your shoulders and different parts of your body.


Better coordination

Stretching can increase the range of motion at the joints and allows different muscles in your body to work more effectively. Better coordination could positively affect your swings, good timing, tempo, and your balance during the game.



Stretching plays an important role in keeping not only the golfer’s playing performance but for people of all ages as well. Unfortunately, as we get older, our flexibility will tend to decrease, so if you’re a golfer who is looking for different ways to maintain your best swings as you age, performing an effective and specific golf stretches is definitely a must.


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