How You Can Make Your Own Custom Golf Clubs

Golf is one of the most enjoyed sports with millions of players around the world. To
enjoy this game, a good set of golf clubs and other tools are definitely needed.
However, let’s be honest, they are quite – expensive. The game, in the first place could
cost top dollar, which is why more and more people are looking for less-expensive
ways to play – like making their own golf clubs.

DIY-ing golf clubs is not only a good way to save a load of cash but it will also give a
specialized clubs for your own playing preference. This is what we really like about it since we are all about movement and customizing the club to your swing movements.

I got this idea while checking out a blog on DIY projects at Make Cents Woodworking.
Let’s take a look at these following steps on how to make one in this post.

Step 1: Selecting the proper materials

First that you’re going to do is to select the shaft that fits your abilities, weight, and
strength. Your choices could be either steel or graphite shafts. After that, look for some
club heads and grips on your local hardware store.

Step 2: Measuring

Begin with your driver, make an assumption that one of your shafts is doing well in
your normal driving position. Mark it with pen if it is comfortable. Then further down
the shaft to the club head, make a mark 4 ½ inches. You can also test the other shafts
to measure its length and distance.

Step 3: Roughing up the shafts

Make sure that both the shafts and club heads are tightly secured. You can use a file or
sandpaper for steel shafts with sanding belt for removing the coats in graphite shafts.
After you’re finished, ream all the wire drill to make sure they are secured into the
hosels of the club heads.

Step 4: Coating process

You can use epoxy to coat the external area of the hosel and the shafts before putting
them together. Always make sure that both surface are glued.

Step 5: Glue and Harden

After waiting a couple of hours, make sure that the glues has hardened before starting
shortening your shafts. You can use hacksaw for steel shafts, on the other hand, you
can also use band saw for the chosen graphite type shafts.

Step 6: Gripping the clubs

The last step on making your own golf club is to putting grips on your club. You can
visit the local hardware store and buy a double-sided tape in order to wrap the chosen
golf shaft (whether it is steel or graphite shaft). After cleaning it with solvent grip, you
can now begin to thoroughly cover the tape with the grip solvent. In this way, it will
tighten the grip of the golf club all the way down to the shaft. Finally, adjust the grips
alignment using your hands as the solvent and the shafts could easily dried up.


There are many ways to enjoy playing golf without investing boatload of cash. Making
your own golf club is an easy way to do that. I hope this simple step-by-step instruction
will help you achieve a great strike and good game.

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