Golf: A Sport of Movement and Feel

golf sensations

The technique yes, the sensations too

During the swing, there are sensations to be felt in golf. Many times we focus on technique and not the other parts. While the basics of a golf swing can be straight forward, sometimes the other aspects are harder to get a grasp of.

Of course, we can not all feel them during the execution of this movement. On the other hand, you can experience two or three regularly. This means that  swing is technically reliable. This is a must to set up a powerful game system in which we trust. The confidence in your game is most certainly the major element that will decide the score at the end of the game.

“Everyone needs to find the good feelings they feel comfortable with and stick to as much as possible on the course. “

A list of non-exhaustive sensations

Here are some of these famous sensations:

  • Feeling of “firmness” at the level of the last three fingers of the left hand, the ring finger and the middle finger of the right hand.
  • Feeling to start at the same time his arm and his left hand with his left knee (for a better take-away and a good synchronization).
  • Sensation to simultaneously start his left hand and the right pocket of the pants backwards (not to block the rotation of the hips at the beginning of the climb on pain of stiffening the backswing).
  • Sensation of the upper left arm against the torso at the beginning of the climb (for a better connection).
  • Sensation of “passivity” on the right side (with a right-handed man, the left side pulls from the beginning of the climb to the half-descent, from there the right side comes into play and hits against the left side and launches the clubhead through the ball).
  • Feeling of a left arm stretched but not stiff at the top of the backswing! We can talk about an elongated left arm.
  • Feeling of the left shoulder that comes under the chin and behind the ball.
  • Sensation of stability of the head (the axis around which one turns is a point which is at the base of the neck).
  • Sensation of a body weight inside the right foot at the top of the backswing with great firmness at the level of the right knee (it will keep the same bending during the whole climb).
  • Sensation of mobility of the thigh and hip straight.
  • Sensation of mobility from the bottom of the left side during the ascent and at the very beginning of the descent to start the downswing.
  • Sensation of a finish balancing the high hands, the line of the shoulders looking to the left, the buckle of the belt to the target and the right foot to the tip (the finish is the balance of the swing).

The example of Vijay Singh


golf sensationsFor example, golf champion Vijay Singh systematically uses three ” sensory keys ” when he is on the course and will hit his ball:

  1. Feeling of a complete climb
  2. Sensation of triggering the downswingby a small blow of the hip towards the target
  3. Feeling of good rotational animation of the pelvis in the impact zone.

Everyone must find the good sensations with which they feel comfortable and cling as much as possible to the course.

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